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San’in Kaigan National Park
Tango Kitsukan Onsen

Hot Spring Inn


Welcome home.

Slip back in time in the countryside


We are "Kitsukan", a hot spring inn established in 1982,and located in Kyotango City of Kyoto Prefecture.

A small onsen style inn, welcoming just 4 groups per day. From cuisine to scenery to onsen. With all that Kitsukan has to offer, you will feel at ease here.

Tango is sourounded by rich green scenery and has a nearby fishing port. Local vegetables are grown in the blessed nature rich surroundings, fresh catches from the sea are landed in the nearby port, here you can experience the charm of the area and savor the flavor of both land and sea.

Using plenty of savory local ingredients, dishes are diligently cooked and prepared for you to enjoy your meal in your room while looking out onto our prized moss garden. Once your stomach is filled to satisfaction, next loose yourself in the Kitsukan hot spring, one of the oldest skin beautifying baths in Kyoto.

Although we are not luxurious, Kitsukan is rooted in the heart of the Japanese for its time honored hospitality.
We may have some imperfections, but we have the support of many patrons, we are greatful to welcome another day, we will continue to devote ourselves to making a ryokan that will be loved by all.


Origin of Kitsu Onsen

The origin of Kitsu onsen, hot springs, dates back to the Nara period. Legend has it that the onsen was discovered by a monk when he found a white heron healing its wounds in the springs.
Overflowing with blessed hot spring water, Kitsu onsen is the oldest hot spring in Kyoto, and it is said to have the greatest emission of hot spring water.


The inn's hot spring source is named the same "Kitsukan Onsen". The natural temperature of the water is about 25℃. Because of the cooler temperature a boiler is used to heat the water to a more comfortable temperature (40℃ in the summer and 41℃ in the winter). Here, the bath floor is normally naturally slightly warmed to comfortable temperature by the geothermal energy. Enjoy the onsen and warm yourself through and through with heat from the earth.

Hot spring property and benefits
  • Hot Spring Property
    Simple hot spring (neutral hypotonic low spa)
  • Benefits
    Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, burning, sprains, chronic gastrointestinal disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery period after recovery, fatigue recovery, health promotion etc.
木津温泉 木津温泉


Peace of mind and a moment of relaxation

The guests rooms are where guests spend the most time,
we want them to be a space where you can feel "relaxed and at ease".

Matsu Kaze

松風 松風
Room Size Approx. 14m²
Capacity 4 people

The only room in the inn with two views over our pride moss garden.
A relaxing, non-smoking room about 14m². Suggested for guests that want a view of the garden.

Maki Kinu

巻絹 巻絹
Room Size Approx. 13m²
Capacity 3 people

Because this room is placed between two other rooms it is cooler in the summer, and is warmer in the winter because it is warmed by the rooms on either side.


貴舟 貴舟
Room Size Approx. 10m²
Capacity 2 people

Enjoy the beautiful flower's of the dogwood tree located next to the room's window at the end of April.
Meals are served in a separate room, so this room is suggested for guests who wish to dine and sleep in different rooms.

Tsuru no Ma

鶴の間 鶴の間
Room Size Approx. 12m²
Capacity 5 people

This room is seperated from the other rooms, making it a better selection for guests with small children or infants. It also offers good views of the moss garden.
For guests staying with small children we can provide you with a child's toothbrush. Also, we can provide some children's meals, a trash bucket to dispose of diapers, a small bathing tub, and children sized hangers as needed. Please also feel free to let us know if you would like us to warm up any packaged baby food for you.

Room Facilities & Amenities

Room Facilities

TV, refrigerator, air purifier, extension phone, safe, storage for clothes, hair dryer, Wi-Fi


Bath towel, Face towel, Toothbrush, Razor (for men), Yukata, Cotton swab &amo; Cotton set (Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, make-up remover, lotion, face moisturizer are prepared in the bathing area.)

Color Yukata Rental & Dressing Service

At check-in, we will rent you your choice of color yukata and we will have dressing services to assist you to put it on.
The dressing service is until 16:00 on weekdays.
If you have your own favorite yukata or kimono, you are welcome to bring it.

色浴衣 色浴衣


The flavors of Tango will make you smile

The owner weilds the knife himself, and chooses only the best ingredients.
While cherishing the natural flavor of the ingredients, genuinely unique dishes are prepared.

Hospitality with Fresh Seafood

Our kaiseki - Japanese banquet - cuisine uses an abundance of fresh and local Tango seafood. A cherry anthias course with abalone, and dinner options that include meat (according to the season).
The male black abalone's meat is thicker and tougher, a very satisfactory dish.
We also suggest trying a Japanese wagyu fillet steak that is lighter on fat content.
*Female abalone may be used depending on the market.


The hospitality of winter is the
taste of king crab

This is Tango's winter! Eat crab to your heart's content. The main dish in a full course, chose a boiled crab course, a crab course with tempura or similar; courses can be adjusted according to your budget as well. Our live crab course is the exceptionally fresh, we prepare the crab after showing you the crab still alive.
*Because it is difficult to make sure crab is being cooked at the right heat, our staff will take care of the cooking to ensure the utmost tastiness of the crab.


Various dishes of hospitality

Breakfast will be the last dish during your stay. To ensure satisfaction, we offer a wide range of dishes including classic dried fish and omelets, eggplant with a miso sauce and steamed dish (winter), noodles with cuttlefish (summer), and more.





194-1 Kitsu, Amano-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto 629-3241
TEL.0772-74-0021 / FAX.0772-74-1278

Click the link above to look up train times to Yuhigaura Kitsu Onsen
Station, the closest train station to Kitsukan